Monday, August 23, 2010

The grand finale

Liam played his last soccer game on Saturday morning. For the last time, he and Chad went down to the field early so the kids could practise dribbling and warm up. Mallory and I schlepped down at the last minute, weighed down with lawn chairs and camera bags and snacks and our sun umbrella. On this last Saturday of the year, we didn't need the umbrella. Well, we did, but only to keep our heads dry. This was the first rainy game of the season.
When we first signed Liam up for soccer I figured that Mallory and I would go watch his first game but that after that, Mallory's attention would wane and soon enough we'd be going our separate ways on Saturday mornings. Not so. Mallory has been a very willing spectator all summer long. Of course, this is mostly due to The Snack Bag. She fishes around in my bags for a snack the minute her chair is set up and she continues to nosh for the entire ninety-minute game. Here she is simultaneously eating the goldfish crackers I packed for her, and the cereal bar I packed for myself (so much for that).
And she is none too shy about horning in on the players' halftime snacks, too. Luckily there are almost always enough Freezies to go around. (This is when I learned never to attend a game without a good supply of Wet Wipes.)
After the game was the awards ceremony, where Liam received not one but two medals... one for participating in the league, and the other from Tim Horton's for being on a Timbits team. I felt bad for the non-Timbits players who just had the bad luck to be sponsored by the other corporations. Try explaining to a bunch of five-year-olds why your kid got an extra medal and they didn't. It doesn't go over well.
A partial team photo after the awards presentation. (These guys were the only ones I could see through the crowd.)
Liam was not very willing, after all of that, to pose for yet another photo for me.
And Mallory didn't want to be left out. So here's one of Liam and his biggest fan.