Thursday, August 26, 2010

It ain't over... is it?

I guess the universe has a way of evening things out, because while we were gloating back in May over being in the pool so early - Chad had figured we wouldn't be in once before school let out in June - we haven't been in for more than a week now, and there is really not any major heat on the horizon to change that. The weekend should be somewhat warmer and we'll see how quickly that affects the water temperature. We have flocks of geese flying overhead, leaves and yellowing and dropping, it's dark by 8 p.m. - you name it, the signs of autumn are here.

It doesn't help assuage that careening-toward-fall feeling any that we bought Liam's new school backpack almost a month before his first day of school. But the flier came out with them in it, he decided which one he wanted and that was that. You don't bide your time in the retail world in a small town. Once they are gone, they're gone - tough luck if you missed out.

We have a few days off this week and next while Cindy takes some vacation time. Hoping for some nice weather, a few hot days and a few more summer hurrahs. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to take the kids over to Cone and Shake Shop for dessert. We have to squeeze in the ice cream while we can.


Anonymous said...

but your signs of autumn sound so lovely!!! Kathryn