Thursday, August 12, 2010

Peter Pan

Proving just how delinquent I've been in posting, this event took place a week ago today. So much for my timeliness! Anyway... every year I do some volunteer work for the Stratford Festival, and in exchange I receive a pair of free tickets to a show. In the past Chad and I have gone (I think we sat through Romeo and Juliet one year, which I don't really recall Chad enjoying!), but for the past several years (i.e. Since Having Kids) we've found other homes for the tickets.This year, the Festival is putting on a production of Peter Pan as part of the lineup. And when I heard that it was suitable for ages 4 and up, I decided to take Liam to see it. I was a bit worried about how he would fare during a 2.5 hour show. And there were parts that were over his head, since the costumes were Victorian and the English accents confused him a little. But, he's familiar with the story, which helped a lot. And the special effects were amazing. I am not going to lie; sitting there with my little guy, watching the Darling children fly through the air in front of us... I got all lumpy-throated for a moment. Toy Story is wonderful, but it's even better to be able to share parts of my own childhood with the kids.Of course, a summer trip to Stratford wouldn't be complete without two things. First up: a paddle boat ride around Lake Victoria. I took Liam and my dad took Mallory. We shelled out the extra money to buy a bag of corn to feed the ducks and swans who, upon seeing the little brown bag in our hands, swarmed our boats. They only sell paddle boat rentals in one-hour time increments, and half an hour was plenty long enough for us. So we have credits left over for our next trip up.And of course we finished our day off with a caramel apple from Rocky Mountain. The trip wouldn't have been complete without it.