Friday, August 20, 2010

TRI-ing not to panic

OK, bad pun. :)

My first triathlon is the Bulldog Triathlon out at Rondeau Provincial Park on August 28th. I have been there (at the park) three times in the past month or so in an attempt to practise my open water swimming. I only made it into the water one day out of three. Here is a shot of Liam in the waves today: OK, so they are huge, right? And while I can swim happily for quite some time in the pool... and I can swim over to the island at Lake of Two Rivers in Algonquin no problem... I cannot swim in surf like this. I mean, is this a lake or is this the ocean?

If the water is rough on race day, the triathlon turns into a duathlon, and I will be majorly disappointed. I am not interested in a duathlon. I have not trained for a duathlon. If this turns out to be the case, then I will be so, SO glad I registered for "Ontario's Last Triathlon of the Season", the Lakeside Triathlon which is in September. I want to finish the year as a triathlete, dammit! The lake at Lakeside is much smaller (man-made?) and not prone to rough water like this.

(I hear it is a bit mucky and muddy, though, and to be quite honest, murky lakes are a bit of a phobia of mine. But this is all about pushing my comfort zone, so BRING IT! Except no leeches, please.)

Then again... the question is, how rough is too rough? Maybe I am mistaken in thinking that this was too rough. Out past the breakers, the water was calmer today; but I wasn't willing to risk heading out there on my own. On race day, if the race runs, I will at least attempt it. There will be support boats/lifeguards on the course if worst comes to worst.

With regards to Jenn's comment... I committed myself to this event back in the spring, and since then it seems like the popularity of the event is exploding. Or perhaps I'm just more in tune with it because it interests me. There have been numerous times this summer when I have heard something, turned to Chad and said, "This just makes it look like I am jumping on the bandwagon!" When Ali Edwards publicly declared that she was doing one... when Lance Armstrong said he would race at Ironman Kona next year... when Runner's World ran a feature this summer about runners jumping into triathlon... these things all made me feel like I was very on-trend!


Kathy said...

The runner-to-triathlon transition has been happening since the beginning of the sport...nothing new there.
Can't blame you about going into the surf on your own--undertows can be very unpredictable and dangerous, esp at Lake Erie. So if you're getting decent pool time, I wouldn't worry too much about not being able to actually practice in the racing environment.
And Lakeside (Lake Sunova) isn't too bad--more like an overgrown pond, but it's spring fed. It's not too far from London, as well as a friend of mine who lives just a concession over...nice area.

Jennifer said...

Carrie...I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to imply that you were some sort of triathalon copycat! I think it is AWESOME that you are doing this and I find Ali inspiring in more than one way as well (and I like when I see the similarities between some of my favourite people, whether I know them personally or not! Kinda shows that I definately have a "type" lol!) I don't think it matters much if your inspiration come from within or an outside source...what matters is you were inspired and you're doin' it!
And if you were copying Ali, you're good (and quick!) I only read of her triathalon adventure when she posted it less than a week ago - hardly enough time for you to jump on her bandwagon, I'd say! (And isn't Lance Armstrong the reason why half of North America owns a bike?? ;)

Dawn said...

okay so if I copycat you and Ali can I use a lifevest and training wheels?

Carrie said...

Jenn - no worries - I know where you're coming from. :)

Dawn - nope, not allowed. The rules specifically state no pool noodles or other flotation devices (going on to list a few examples). I kid you not!

Carrie said...

Kathy - how cold would you guess it would be in mid-September? Warmer or colder than Lake Erie?