Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Soccer and swimming

(Liam doesn't like his goggles on too tight... can you tell?)

Tonight, we had our last swimming lesson of the summer, and on Saturday we will have our last soccer game. I don't know what I'm going to take pictures of anymore. It is ridiculous just how much fun I think it is to take action shots during soccer games and swimming lessons.
When Mallory quit her swimming lessons at the Y, did you ever think you would see her doing a kneeling dive? It's crazy. Liam has moved up 4 classes according to the equivalency chart that we got from Erin. I'm not sure that I'm confident to register him that much further ahead in September, but he is definitely a much stronger swimmer than he once was.
I don't know that he is a much stronger soccer player than he was at the start of the summer, but he definitely enjoys it. (And as long as I keep packing the snacks, Mallory still enjoys spectating.)
I love the rainbow effect of all the soccer photos, week after week after week.If I find out who the pushy green kid is though, I'll give him a talking to. Sometimes it's hard to bite your lip on the sidelines and not put the little thugs on the field in their place.