Friday, November 26, 2010

Again with the rambling

I'm very much still feeling under the weather. Wasn't bad this morning but am now fighting a massive headache, toothache (?!) and sinus ache - which I am guessing is causing the former.

I hope the kids are not following my lead, because they are each passed out on a couch right now. This NEVER happens!!

Took them this afternoon to see Tangled - taking advantage of a day off. We all really enjoyed and would recommend the movie. Mallory wanted to linger through the final credits as she was enjoying the soundtrack so much. I will let her listen to wholesome Mandy Moore any day of the week, so that was fine by me.The kiddos have been wearing their Christmas pajamas as of late - so cute!

I dragged out the backdrop to take these shots of the kids in them. Still putting it to good use every once in a while. You might have noticed that I updated my photography page to say I'm cutting back for a while - daily life is just getting too hectic to maintain both. I don't know if this will be long term or not, but it makes sense for now. I still get my fix by following Liam and Mallory around and having them model for me.Looking forward to a weekend that includes a date with the vet, a Santa Claus parade, and some crafty goodness with the kids. If they ever wake up, that is.


Dawn said...

they are too stinking cute!!! They have the exact same smile.