Tuesday, November 16, 2010


This week is 'open studio week' at Mallory's dance studio, meaning that parents and other audience members are invited into the studio itself to watch the lessons. (Normally, we are behind a one-way mirror or can only watch on a TV monitor). I was very excited by this turn of events and took my camera, vowing to use it only if the other parents did the same. I did not want to incur the wrath of the receptionist again.Luckily, as soon as we got into the studio, the parents turned into a wall of paparazzi. There were video cameras and flash bulbs and I felt perfectly OK taking my own fair share of photos. I am not posting anything here that shows anyone's face just in case... but I have enough for my own personal use that I am very, very happy indeed.

(Cindy put Mallory's hair up into an adorable little bun. That's totally her styling skill, not mine!)


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I battle with Sydney's hair each week to get it into a bun. The layers in her hair are great at all other times, except the 10-15 minutes I try getting her hair to stay where I want it before ballet. This is the one & only time that I use hair product on her hair. Otherwise I would need to completely need to fill her head with bobby pins.