Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fashion plate

I'm feeling so delinquent. This week just got away from me - a common refrain, yes, but it's always something different. After the trip out of town at the start of the week, I had an evening event to attend, parent teacher interviews, year end and start-of-winter work stuff... I could go on. I thought I would have time to get a few posts up by now... so much for that! Anyway, this is just a quick post of Mallory in her newest outfit. I have always loved Hanna Andersson clothes but am not one to typically buy (what I consider to be) expensive clothes for my kids when I know they will grow out of them in no time. But, there was a sale... and the dollar is at par... so I caved and got a few things. For Liam, a nice fleecy sweatshirt that he desperately needed. And for Mallory, one of Hanna's legendary striped-dress-and-reverse-print-loose-tights combos. I've always thought little girls look so cute dressed in these outfits, and of course the catalogues always extol how comfortable they are to play in, etc. Well, Mallory put this on this morning and could not stop talking about it all day. How much she enjoyed wearing a dress (which she does very infrequently, come to think of it) and how soft it was (the tights she wears when she does wear a dress often itch/hurt her legs. These loose, pants-like tights avoid that problem altogether.) I am tempted to buy her a closetful of this stuff, it's been such a hit! Well... maybe just one or two more outfits to grow on. Now that I have the sizing down, I'm eyeing a few NWT sets on eBay!