Monday, November 01, 2010

The one where I nearly run out of hard drive space, I've taken so many photos

I was so looking forward to Halloween this year, mostly because I was really jazzed about the costumes. This is the first year that the kids have chosen matching costumes. It will probably be the last year, too, which made it all the sweeter. And of course, the kids didn't know that Chad and I were planning to dress up, too. So I was very excited to do our big reveal.(To go off on a tangent for a moment - I'd like to do a little something extra to jazz up the front porch next year. We are sooo plain jane compared to the neighbours, and of course my shriveled up mums, which I made the mistake of buying in August so they peaked about three weeks ago, don't help the situation. I don't need anything gaudy or over the top, but I think we have potential... just need to put the thinking cap on.)I digress. This year was all about the costumes. The kids decided to be Woody and Jessie, and then when I saw this inflatable jet pack for $12 I knew I had to buy it and dress up along with them. Once Chad heard that, he decided to be Stinky Pete, the other original member of Woody's Round Up gang. My pants came from Value Village and the gloves were purchased... otherwise, everything I'm wearing is just my own clothing/gardening gear (OK, the kneepads were also bought specifically for this purpose but will find new life in the garden.) I am wearing five layers on top: t-shirt, cardigan, purple hoodie, turtleneck, and then tank top over that. So pardon me if I look a little thick. It was FREEZING last night. Boo!!I was questioning whether the kids' shirts were too big, but thank goodness they were, because we were able to fit multiple layers (including fleeces) underneath them and didn't have to wear winter coats over top. The kids did decide to wear mitts though, and I don't blame them. Note to self: keep the costumes baggy again next year!I thought Chad did a great job of dressing up as Stinky Pete. However, one older lady made a disparaging remark about his 'attempt' to dress up like Santa Claus. I thought that was pretty funny. Chad got a priceless reaction from the kids, who thought he looked hilarious. We got them into their costumes and then told them we were going upstairs to put on some warm clothes. I came down first. Liam thought I looked OK but Mallory was starting to cry. At first I thought she didn't recognize me and was afraid, but you know what the problem was? She was upset that I dressed up as a boy.She got over it by the time we were out trick-or-treating and kids would pass us and say, "Hey, it's the Toy Story gang!" As soon as she saw that other people thought it was cool, she thought it was cool, too. Once again this year, I took a whole bunch of pictures of the kids trick-or-treating at the houses in our neighbourhood, at least until it got dark. In looking at these I realized that they are pretty much all the back view. And while I love the back view, I really should mix it up a bit! Ah well. There are some nicely decorated homes around here so it's a very photogenic place to trick or treat!Liam was getting awfully bold. If someone wasn't right there to answer the door, he was peeking in their windows!This pumpkin cracked me up, big time. We ran into the woman whose house it was from and I complimented her on it. She said she had been out of town and asked the babysitter to tend to the pumpkin carving, and this is what resulted. Either that, or she's just a 36-year-old closeted Justin Bieber fan.The kids wanted to bring their flashlights along, and they had fun playing with them in the dark. It was actually a really good idea.Also a good idea: one of the neighbours said she'd seen me out taking pictures of the kids in their costumes when it was still warm on the weekend and was all like, why didn't I think of that! I thought she was going to say she thought I was psycho. Phew!The kids are not yet old enough to really care about how much candy they get. We did not go far, though we travelled pretty slowly, so it was well past dark by the time we got home. Liam loved handing out candy to the kids who came to our door after that. We had about the same number of kids this year as last, though from the looks of things while we were out, it seemed like an older crowd - lots of tweens/teens.Back at home we allowed them to pick out their favourite treats to keep for themselves, and then we made a communal bowl with the rest. Chad and I will help them along and it will be gone before you know it. Moreso than the candy though, I will remember this Halloween as being a very fun family-centered year. It was a lot of fun for us all to dress up in a theme, to surprise the kids, and enjoy the night together. I am thankful that my in-laws are willing to come hand out candy at our house so both Chad and I can go out with the kids. The years are passing by quickly, and we have to do it while we can.