Sunday, December 12, 2010

Taking shelter

Today we had our annual Roberts family Christmas, which somehow always seems to coincide with our first blast of wintery weather. It looked a lot like this last year and a couple of years before that, the entire event was postponed for a few weeks because of the inability of our whole family to dig out. Or maybe it was just the Kent Club janitor who couldn't make it in to unlock the building for us. Regardless, it was postponed.The day started out innocently enough - a few big fat flakes, not many of which were sticking. Just enough to set the mood. But as the day wore on, the snow piled up......until, by the time we headed home, the streets were pretty much deserted. (To be honest, this Christmas tree lot is deserted EVERY time I go by. I feel bad for these trees in a very Charlie Brown sort of way.)Days like this serve to remind me that it's going to be a hectic week at work. Not only is it the last week I'm working before some vacation time - at least, I am hoping for a break from work! - but my job is directly tied to the weather. I'm looking at this and I'm thinking of overtime. (Not that I get paid it. Just that I work it.)It does make the neighbourhood look lovely, though. Here is the scene from my driveway, facing south.And here is a scene from the passenger seat of the car on the drive home. This photo doesn't really mean very much, but it sure is pretty. (That's a red traffic light in front of us.)


Dawn said...

pretty pictures!!