Friday, December 10, 2010

Toy joy

Today we took the kids downtown so that they could complete their Christmas shopping for each other. We have a great little toy store that carries all kinds of good stuff so we decided to make that our destination. First I took Mallory to the store while Chad entertained Liam in the downtown mall. I knew she would enjoy checking out the merchandise for herself just as much as for Liam, but I seriously underestimated the amount of time that it would take to get her through the store and through the process of picking out a gift. I made several suggestions and the store owner made several as well, but Mallory was too enthralled with the dolls and dress-up clothes to pay much attention. Furthermore, I had brought my camera because I wanted to get a shot of each of the kids picking out their sibling gift, but Mallory asked me to take about a million pictures of her posing beside things that she liked. It was really quite ridiculous. The store owner must have thought we were crazy.Finally I talked her into something that I knew Liam would like, and we left. Chad and Liam met us out on the street, we swapped kids (and I handed off the bag with Liam's gift) and I headed back into the store with Liam. Liam's experience was quite similar to Mallory's in that it took f.o.r.e.v.e.r. The store owner (whom I had told I would be back) told Liam that his job of picking out a gift should be very easy because Mallory liked pretty much everything in the store. Liam took his job very seriously and narrowed it down to two choices, a Groovy Girl doll and a unicorn riding stick, before making his decision. I think Mallory would have really liked either choice and both were gifts I very much approved of. He did great.On the way back to the car (where we had to stash that stick before Mallory saw us), Liam said he wanted to get one more thing for Mallory, something he had seen with Chad while I was shopping with Mallory. He took me to the bookstore in the mall and he picked out a Tangled sticker book for her. He was so excited to get it. Despite the squabbles that we often hear between the two of them, he really is a little sweetheart and a great big brother. I am very excited to see how they react to each other's gifts this year (and I am very hopeful that they can both keep it a secret for two more weeks!)