Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's that time of year

Yesterday we finally got to see the kindergarten Christmas concert. It was originally scheduled for Monday but was cancelled on account of the weather. I'm glad they were able to fit it in yesterday, because that was Liam's last day of school for the year.Liam was his normal, goofy self during this concert, the version of himself that acts all shy and surprised to see us, deliberately avoiding eye contact and giving his shy-smile when he made it. Last year Liam was a Santa during the concert, and this year the classes reversed roles, and he was an elf. The kids marched into the north foyer of the school, proceeded to recite three poems, and then the teachers thanked us for coming. We were a bit surprised because last year's concert was probably 20 minutes long and involved quite a repertoire of songs. This year's concert was very short by comparison, but no less sweet.After the concert, we went down to the classroom, where the parents had brought in treats for the kids and there was a craft set up to do together (one he had already done at Cindy's this year, but you know Liam and crafts - he was more than game to do it again!) Speaking of treats, one of the items requested were rice krispie squares, and so we made some using the Christmas rice krispies with the red and green bits and then cut out the required six pieces with a gingerbread man cookie cutter. We had to repeat this on Tuesday night for Wednesday's concert, because we had made a batch on Sunday night for Monday's concert and when the concert was cancelled, I wound up taking them into the control room instead since they wouldn't last (at least not well) until Wednesday. And yes, I got some flak for bringing a plate of cutesy rice krispie treats into a roomful of controllers and planners, but that didn't stop the plate from quickly disappearing.