Sunday, July 10, 2011

The lizard tattoo

We've had another busy weekend, which included, among other things, a trip to the beach, swimming, a community service project, Ribfest, and a visit to the open house of a new veterinary clinic in town where we will probably start taking our disease-riddled cat. The open house was pretty awesome, with stuffed animals demonstrating how the operating table works, cat and dog-shaped cupcakes, raffles, treats for the pets, etc. The part the kids probably liked the most was the glitter tattoo artist working in the back corner. Mallory went first and got herself a pretty little pink and purple butterfly tattoo. Then it was Liam's turn. As he was browsing the sheets of stencils to select what he wanted, I think I got a little distracted by the meatballs on the oh-so-close catering table. It wasn't until I heard the tattoo artist say, "Excuse me, is he with you?" that I turned back. She wanted to show me the tattoo stencil that Liam had selected to make sure it was OK with me before proceeding.

It was the Playboy bunny logo.

I kid you not! There among the butterflies and dinosaurs and even skulls and crossbones... the little rabbit with a bow tie... and that's the one Liam picked.

I had to explain to him that the Playboy bunny means something different to grown-ups than it does to kids, and that it probably wasn't the best choice. I think he thought I was crazy, but he did go on to select this lizard instead.

Another crisis averted.