Sunday, July 03, 2011

Summer literacy

Liam's report card came home last week and he got outstanding reviews on his reading skills. This still amazes me. We read books together at bedtime but we've never done deliberate 'reading lessons' - we are not really flashcard-type parents - so the fact that he's picked it up still surprises me sometimes. Last night he was reading a Richard Scarry book we got at the library and he read the word 'mistakes' without hesitating. I couldn't believe it.

Today he was digging through some old toys and started playing 'restaurant' with his old play food and cash register. He cooked up this menu, entirely on his own. It cracks me up. I know exactly what he's written:As for Mallory, her drawing skills are really picking up now. This is her latest creation:It's a self-portrait of her on stage at her dance recital, which she says should be obvious because she is dressed all in pink (as if that never happens outside of dance!) and also because the stage floor was black. I love the little pink ribbon she added to her hair, just like she wore it for the show. I made the mistake, however, of asking whether she is wearing her tap shoes in this picture. She was quite offended and pointed out that all of her toes are visible - she is pirouetting on tippy-toe, which should have been obvious not only from the toes but also from the arm over her head and other curved out to the side. She is pretty sure that the Grammas and Grampas won't make the same mistake I did when she shows them this picture, since they were all at the dance recital, too. Be forewarned. :)

(And at the top, that says "To Mom and Dad". She is one for addressing her artwork like you would a letter.)