Saturday, July 02, 2011

The most wonderful time of the year

Canada Day is one of my favourite holidays, especially when it falls over a weekend. We kicked things off with an incredibly busy day yesterday on the holiday itself. In one day we managed to fit in a trip to the local festivities in the park; a party; a parade; a soccer game; a swim; and then the fireworks, which were at 10 p.m. This was the second year we went to see them with the kids, and the first year that Mallory actually stayed awake to watch them. She was just about as enthralled as you'd expect a four-year-old little girl who adores anything that sparkles to be. In fact, after the fireworks ended she was so high on life that she ran to the top of the riverbank and started log rolling down it. Which might normally be fine, except that this was a very short, very steep riverbank, and it was after dark. Luckily we caught her before she started swimming with the fishes.

Our plans for the rest of the weekend never change from year to year. Our TV flips constantly back and forth between the Wimbledon finals and the opening stage of the Tour de France, and tomorrow morning we'll have waffles on Championship Sunday. The rest of the day we will swim, barbecue, and otherwise enjoy our lazy selves. It's a great way to kick off the summer.