Monday, July 11, 2011

Look who got lucky

While we were at the Fife Animal Hospital the other day, we filled out a ballot to win one of two themed gift baskets, one for cats and one for dogs. It figures that we got a call two days later saying Captain's name had been pulled from the jar of ballots. I've never won anything... Captain enters one draw and he wins!

The kids were so excited when I told them. We had just enough time to drop by the office to pick up the prize on our way home that night. The gift basket is huge - many many toys, food, a bed, a blanket... a cat toothbrush that may or may not get used... the list goes on.

Here's one instance where you can say "Winner winner chicken dinner!" and mean it - two cans of chicken-flavoured cat food were included.

And here's another picture, just for fun. Captain was shaking his head and the result looks like he's possessed. Some days I'm sure my head spins like this, too. Only for me, I can't say the catnip's to blame.