Monday, July 18, 2011

Returning to the scene of the crime

I know I've been away a lot lately, and what can I say? I've just been enjoying summer. Spending long days on the computer for work purposes, I have been taking more of a break from it lately in my off time.

(Vacation planning purposes aside. Ahem.)

So these pictures date back ten days or so, to my last Friday off. It was hot and muggy and we wanted to do something fun. So we threw together a picnic and headed off to Mitchell's Bay. Yes, this was the site of Mallory's Big Accident, and Mallory has been upset ever since that day that she missed out on the Mitchell's Bay adventure that the rest of the kids got to enjoy. I'd told her I would make it up to her, and I did. But first I made her point out the offending piece of playground equipment. Yup, there it is. That matches the shape of the scar on her forehead alright.Then, we had our picnic...And horsed around in the water. This bay is lovely because it's clean, warm, and shallow as heck for as far as the eye can see. The kids can roam far and wide without me worrying too much.

I *ADORE* this picture of Liam. Even though it's hard to tell it's him. I might print it really big.Mallory came to the conclusion that she really does like splash pads, after all. (Good thing: next weekend involves another one!)There was never any doubt that Liam likes them.Finally, an ice cream cone before we piled into the car and went back home. From this angle you almost can't even see the scar. (Now that the wound has healed, I break open a Vitamin E capsule twice a day and smear the oil over the scar. For some crazy reason, Mallory LOVES this ritual. "Is it time for my oil yet?" she starts asking every night after dinner. It cracks me up.)I'd hoped to get out to Mitchell's Bay again this summer, but I feel it slipping away from us. Weekends are booked, flex Fridays are spoken for... I don't know if we can make it happen. Hoping perhaps for an Indian Summer that extends the warm weather past Labour Day - that might be our only chance.