Friday, April 01, 2005


Last night I wrote the International Business exam I was kvetching about earlier in the week. I didn't feel especially well-prepared for it, but it turned out to be quite easy. As I was leaving the proctor asked when was I due, and rather than saying next year, next month, that sort of thing, I said, next week.

After finishing the exam, I went to run some errands. This week I switched over from my winter coat (which has accommodated my belly the entire time I've been pregnant, but it's definitely getting tight now) to my spring coat (which I have to leave unbuttoned, and with weather this nice why not!!) So I'm walking around in public and it's obvious to everyone, for the first time really, that I'm pregnant (and not just husky, as Chad liked to tease when I was wearing the winter coat.) And I had an unbelieveable number of people stop me to ask about it - complete strangers - and I gave them all the same answer - next week.

Finishing the exam was crossing one more thing off the list of things that had to happen before the baby comes. I've had the whole pregnancy categorized in my head in terms of holidays and events and trips and such, with the baby coming at the end of it all. Only now... there IS nothing left but the baby. Well, not strictly true. This weekend is Jennifer's shower and Chad's birthday. I'm counting on making it through to Monday before anything happens. But still... it was just that feeling of moving one notch further down the list - exam: CHECK! And the calendar rolled over to the month of April this morning to boot. It's quite hilarious how up and down my moods are right now, swinging from dread to uncontrollable excitement ten times per hour. The next few weeks should prove to be interesting.