Monday, April 11, 2005

Day one

My cat is sitting at my elbow, and his motor is running. Meaning, he's purring like a fiend. Meaning, he thinks he is going to be fed any minute. He'll start howling when he isn't. When we are home in the afternoons, he starts trying to get fed around noon, even though he doesn't offcially get fed til about 5. When we work, we come in the door and feed him straight away - luckily we're not there to witness the whining and crying all afternoon. But when we're home, as I am from now on, we're subject to it all afternoon long. Maybe I should consider myself lucky that he doesn't start in the morning. Anyway, this is a habit I hope to cure him of sometime this year.

So today is my first day as a kept woman - ha! - and I haven't been the most productive. I slept in a little, went running, had a shower, tinkered on the computer, called Anne, she came over and visited for a while, had lunch, went out to run some errands but all that happened was I bought some unnecessaries (sunglasses and a pair of capris that, now that I have them home, I realize will never fit - it is WAY too hard judging my size in the store when I can't try things on - so they're going back - I need to limit my pregnant shopping urges to sunglasses, hats and shoes, I guess.) Right now I'm back on the computer trying to find something to make with chicken cutlets for dinner tonight. I want to have something ready for Chad that's a little fancier than 'chicken with barbecue sauce'. The Epicurious website is letting me down (or maybe it's just that I don't have my pantry stocked with enough different varieties of herbs and mustards??) This housewife thing is harder than I thought. Anyway, must run - he'll be home soon and I have to make it look like I've accomplished something today....