Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Life with Liam

I hope that, by writing this, fate doesn't come around and bite me in the ass. But I can't believe how well Liam fits into our life. Yes, I get up three times a night to feed and change him, and while I feel great today I'm sure that sooner or later the sleep deprivation will catch up with me. But otherwise, he seems so at home here. I feed him in the morning before we get out of bed. If he needs a bath, that comes next. He usually takes a good three-hour nap after that. During the morning I do whatever I have planned around the house. Feed him again at lunch. Then he'll sleep for a couple more hours, and during that time Chad and I have taken him out for walks, to run errands, or do whatever. During the late afternoon/evening he's more of a cluster feeder and will eat every couple of hours, but somehow we fit that in too. His last feeding for the night is usually between 10-11 pm - after that I go to bed and can probably sleep for between 2 and 3 hours before the first early morning feeding.

We made the leap to cloth diapers the other day and so far it's going well - he has not leaked through the cloth yet, although he did with disposables. Maybe it's just a coincidence; I guess time will tell. They're not as trim fitting as the disposables but they also don't stink when they get wet. (They do have the pee smell, but it's not the gross pee-mixed-with-commercial-baby-powder-deodorizer smell that masks NOTHING.) They're still a little big on him as he came home from the hospital under 7 pounds and these are supposed to fit 8-15 pounds.

Some of his clothes are already almost too small, which is weird considering that he's not a big guy. Every time I change his clothes I think how sad I will be when he's too big to fit into something soon. We have a closet full of beautiful things for him to wear and I'm excited to be able to use those too, but he just seems so perfect the way he is today - I don't want him changing too fast. :)