Friday, March 20, 2009

When you know that having kids was the right thing to do

Tonight, as we were huddled in our bed reading stories before tucking the kids in, Mallory tackled Chad and said, "I love you, dad!" Then she did the same to me: "I love you, mom!" And to Liam: "I love you, Hee-hum!" Whereas Chad and I both responded with an "I love you too, Mally", Liam remained silent. So she said, a little louder, "I LOVE you, Hee-hum!" and squeezed him even tighter.

Love that girl. Even if she did get me festering sick.


Dana said...

That is so cute. I like it when she says Liam. Hee-hum.

Dawn said...

awww, so sweet!!
Gavin has this whine of MOOOOMMMMAAAAA, MOOOOOMMMMMAAAAA that he does from across the house. My rule is that if you need to talk to me you should be able to see my eyes. I hate when they yell across the house. Well, if I am in the middle of something and he bellows and I yell back WHHHHAAATTTT in that tone of annoyance he will yell back, "I love you". Gets me every time!