Friday, July 17, 2009

Not off to a very good start

The past couple of days have been tough around here. There's a bit of a bug making the rounds. Mallory had it for about 24 hours, and though it didn't seem to upset her too much, it has hit Liam hard. The bug has been of the lower GI tract variety, and by last night all of the activity had given Liam a terrible, and I mean terrible, case of diaper rash (for lack of a better term). Of course this all happens... when? Well, right after we cleared the last of the diaper rash remedies out of the house, of course. (Mallory has never had a problem in that area, even though she is still in diapers.) So, the past 48 hours have been filled with multiple loads of laundry - if you get my drift - and last night I had to take to hosing Liam off in the shower with the handheld attachment each time he had an incident, because he was so sore that he would not allow anything on this earth to wipe him clean. And even the shower elicited a lot of tears.

[sarcasm] Gee, parenthood is fun. [/sarcasm]

If there is any silver lining to this at all - and I am trying really, really hard to find one here - it's that I think - I hope - I pray - he has gotten it out of his system now. Tomorrow is kind of a big day, everyone has new clothes to wear, etc. The last thing we need is multiple dashes to the bathroom. Or, worse yet, missed trips to the bathroom. If you catch my drift.


Dawn said...

aw, get well soon. In a pinch if you don't have diaper ointment, Milk of Magnesia works well, smear it on and let it dry. Always keep the ointment handy, even 7 year olds don't always wipe so nice.....if you catch my drift......