Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Yesterday, my parents came for the full day and spent it all with the kids. Liam and Mallory stayed home with Gramma and Grampa instead of going to Cindy's, although 'stayed home' is kind of a misnomer because they went to a show at the library and went out to feed the ducks and later took us out to dinner. Though I understand there was lots of down time in between, for Mallory to feed my dad fake plastic food and for Liam to run through the sprinkler (it cleared up after all!) and for Mallory to shock my mom with Liam's plastic snake. The kids were pretty tired by the end of the day... no getting out of bed and singing for Mallory! Yay! Tired is always good, when it comes to kids, so I have no doubt that they had a wonderful time.

My parents live a couple of hours away from us, so they don't have the same amount of face time with our kids as Chad's parents. They don't come to swimming or skating lessons on a regular basis, they don't drop in to say hi, and they certainly can't make it over in less than ten minutes on foot the way Dana and Bruce can (during the winter months, anyway. The summer at the trailer is putting a bit more distance between us!) So it means a lot to me when they can make time for a visit, and especially when so much of that visit is one-on-one time with the kids rather than visiting with us as adults. A big, huge thank you for coming. I'm sure you guys were pretty tired by the end of the day, too!