Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Poor little Mallory. She's had a rough go of things lately. Last week she was sick as a dog. Then her cheeks were bothering her, no doubt because of all the Kleenex scratchyness. So I put some gentle lotion on her cheeks, and the next morning she woke up with something akin to chemical burns. I felt awful for her and mad at myself for using the lotion (buh-bye, Burt's Bees), but then she made matters worse by proceeding to draw all over her own face with a magic marker. Which necessitated a good scrubbing to remove.

Liam must not have noticed this last bit because two days later, he came sauntering into the kitchen with an impish grin on his face. And magic marker scribbled all over the rest of it. Seems he thought what Mallory did was pretty funny and decided to try it himself, too.

Anyway... now that both kids know that writing on oneself with markers is not OK... hopefully they will both be staying clean for the foreseeable future. I have to head to Toronto tonight and have a long day on the road tomorrow too, but I hope to be back late tomorrow night. When I told the kids I would be leaving for 30 hours they seemed fine, but as I tucked Mallory into bed last night, she started to cry. "I want to see you," she wailed. Meaning, she doesn't want me to go. Here's hoping the weather stays clear and the traffic isn't bad... I will be trying to get home to her just as soon as I can.

PS - Cogeco somehow managed to delete my email account. All my saved folders, inbox, contacts - gone. If you emailed me sometime over the past 3 days, I am not ignoring you... your message has disappeared. Please try again!


Jennifer said...

poor little Mal! Ethan has also inherited that lovely fair hired, fair skined sensitivity and has blotches all over. I have discovered Califoria Baby (Calming is the one I use) and it is awesome! You can order it online but there are some stores in TO that stock it (check www.organicbathplus.com for stores) if you have time while you are in the area grab some! I've also tried Shaklee Baby lotion and it is ok (doesn't make it worse, but only temporarily helps) but CB is the best (burt's bees and body shop baby..not so much!) I'm considering a road trip myself to stockpile the stuff!

Dawn said...

oh wow, I am sad that I giggled at her pic now that I read that she had burns on her from the lotion! Poor poor mall!!!!!! Do you guys have Aquaphor up there? Works very well on my little (well not so little) sensitive skinned redhead.

And I see your email was an issue, guess you missed the one where I left you my camera equipment and iMac should my plane crash.....I will send it again. :o)

Anonymous said...

there is a really cute Robert Munsch story about kids who colour on themselves with markers...I bet they and you would love it