Thursday, February 18, 2010

Why I most certainly WILL go back into a burning house to retrieve all my photo albums

Our kids are obsessed with colouring. This is both good and bad. Bad, because at one time or another, they have attempted colouring on the walls, trim, kitchen cupboards, themselves, etc. Good, because it sometimes keeps them busy for long stretches of time. Right now they are both in a phase where they like to race through the morning routine of getting dressed/breakfast/teeth brushed so that they have some time to colour while we finish getting ready, before we all head out the door. There is nothing quite like having your kids ready to go 20 minutes before it's time to. This is a welcome change for me, since I am more the type of person who leaves 10 minutes ahead of time to get somewhere that takes 15 minutes to go, certain that *this* time, I will find a shortcut/make good time and make it work.

On a not-quite-so-happy-go-lucky kind of note, Mallory trashed my hard drive earlier this week. It was my own fault for running a cord where she could have access to it. The drive took a tumble to the floor and friends, that is the kiss of death for a hard drive. This is not the new hard drive I got for Christmas but my old hard drive that had everything from 2004 through November 2009 on it. I *****THINK***** I have backed up most of it on CDs, which are currently in a fireproof safe in my closet. But to be quite honest, I have been too afraid to go look. Right now I am thankful that at the very least, I am really good about printing photos and keeping them in albums. I have not added anything to Flickr for some time but this may be the jolt I need to get me going again. There's nothing like having a backup of a backup of a backup when you need it.


Dawn said...

ACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That so stinks! I am sure you have it all backed to cd though, you are a good archiver! I do TWO externals, one stays out connected all the time, the other comes out of the fireproof box at the end of every month to back up that month. I don't do the CD thing. I also upload to the net and have the current ones on the Mac.....I am obsessive about backing up!