Monday, February 22, 2010

Social butterflies

Another weekend... another birthday party! Another event that both Liam and Mallory were invited to. This time the birthday girl was Maggie, who is a friend of theirs from daycare. She is newly 4 so she is perfectly sandwiched between Liam and Mal.As it was last year, her party this year was at a local dance studio. Though this year it was at 'the other' local dance studio. I really appreciated them doing this because, through them, I have now had a chance to check out the two main dance studios in town, which will make deciding where to enroll Mallory in classes this fall that much easier.

At least in theory.The kids learned a routine to "We're All in This Together" from High School Musical which - I will go ahead and say it - is one of my favourite movies. Much like Grease. I can kind of take or leave the dialogue, but I'm a sucker for the dance sequences.This instructor - I think her name was Megan - has the patience of a saint. Because while it looks like they are all dancing in sync here, this was how they spent just a small portion of their time. In reality they spent a ton of time running around the room like banshees. Liam had a sweaty head at the end of it.And for some unknown reason, Mallory also spent a good portion of the party prone on the floor. And as soon as she got some attention for doing it the first time (the instructor trying to goad her into getting up, the other parents laughing, etc.), she kept going back to it. I have no idea what she thought she was doing, but it is definitely making me rethink the idea of spending $45 a month to send her to dance classes in the fall. If she wants to lie on the floor, she can do that at home for free.The kids came to the door of the studio to take a bow when the dance was over.This is Mallory with Nicholas. She absolutely, positively adores Nicholas. There is something about him that she finds irresistible. When we run into him at the park, she is calling from the top of the slide, "Nicholas! Look at me!" When she takes a special toy to Cindy's house, she tells us how excited she is to show it to Nicholas. When we went out on New Year's, we thought we might run into Nicholas and his family at the same party we attended, but they didn't show up until after we had left. When we told Mallory it was time to go home (because it was 10 p.m. and she was falling asleep on her feet) she almost started to cry: "But I haven't seen Nicholas yet!"

I don't know what he's doing in this picture. But I have no doubt that it is charming Mallory off her feet.This is Nicholas' older sister Sophie, hanging out with Liam at the other end of the table. They get along fine. He's not as over-the-top crazy about her as Mallory is for Nicholas, but you never know... he could be hiding it. He's more of the strong, silent type.


megan said...

Hey you may be glad of Mal's lack of intrest in dance. We have friends whose daughter is really pretty good. So good in fact that she made the competitive team (who knew?). She has now taken a weekend job to pay the $1500 a month it is costing in lessons, costumes and competition fees. BTW this kid is 9 and goes to one of the above mentioned local studios.
Just saying.