Friday, April 07, 2006

A good mail day

Earlier this week, Liam got his very first birthday card in the mail. Here Chad is, reading it to him, and trying to keep him from tearing it in half. Over the last month or two Liam has really taken an interest in books, and now he loves being read to (provided that there aren't too many words on each page); but unless you're reading a board book, which he knows he can't destroy, he will go after the pages with gusto and try to rip the thing to shreds.

On that same day, I got something in the mail that was also much enjoyed: the contract for my scrapbook page that's being published next month. You're usually supposed to get the contract several months before the magazine is published, so I started to worry when nothing showed up in the mailbox day after day. I even wondered if the magazine had decided to drop my contribution. Finally it came, and having signed the contract and filled out the cheque requisition, and mailed it back, I am now officially a Freelance Writer (as per the contract language), and to celebrate I finally ordered my camera bag. Yes, the same one I've been talking about since Christmas. I figured I had better get it now, because it's recently come to my attention that I also need a new camera battery; and the problem with a digital camera is that a regular old Duracell won't cut it: I need a specialty Cannon battery that runs a staggering $120. Looks like I had better get to work and crank out a few more publication-worthy scrapbook pages.