Wednesday, September 10, 2008

And so it begins

Earlier this week, I signed this little guy up for skating lessons. Be still my heart! - how did he get so big, so fast? He just does not seem old enough for me to turn him loose with a coach, and I can't even imagine him wearing skates and sliding around on the ice - yet in two weeks time, that's exactly the situation we will be in. The skating program is 26 weeks long - can you believe it? Half a year on the ice. By the time the lessons end, he will be 4!! I am just hoping he likes it and doesn't want to quit after the first lesson (since there are no refunds due to changing your mind!) He seems excited about the prospect right now, and wants us to find him a pair of red skates to wear. I told him he can have red skates if we can find them... knowing full well that the odds are pretty slim.

I completely intend NOT to be the parent who programs my child to death and schleps them from one activity to another, but learning to skate and to swim are some pretty basic skills we want both kids to have. (A new swimming session begins at the end of October, and we are considering signing up for it.) I would also like to see Mallory in a little pink tutu someday... but not just yet; let me deal with Liam growing up first, and I will worry about Mallory later.


Mandy said...

How exciting!!! I can't wait to see the pictures from those lessons!!

Emily started ballet a few weeks ago and is loving it, so I understand those thoughts with regard to Mallory. ;)

dad said...

Do not get him red skates - tell him his grandpa still looks forward to getting his blades on each fall, but Maui does cut the season short......