Friday, September 12, 2008

Breathe in, breathe out

I was tagged, seemingly a lifetime ago, and I thought that today would finally be the day I got to spill all my secrets. Instead, I have been kept hopping all morning. And all yesterday, too. Geesh, these hurricanes mess with us. We're thousands of miles away, but with Ike headed for Houston, where our head office is located, we have been kept busy: establishing backup servers for the control room should Houston be unable to manage the pipe, the markets dancing all over the place, and IT people bugging me about a capital project submission submitted two months ago: why is it suddenly so critical now? And I'm still not caught up from taking ime off work. But I digress. The tagging thing will have to wait for another day - it's coming, I promise - instead, you can enjoy my kiddos taking a sunset walk on the path behind the house. It helps bring a little bit of Zen back into my life every time I look at it.


Dawn said...

I love that shot, love it! That will be a perfect fall backdrop in a few weeks, huh?