Friday, September 26, 2008

Planning ahead

I know in my heart of hearts that it's too soon to be thinking of Christmas, because I haven't even got the Halloween stuff out of storage yet, and I looooove Halloween.

But, I'm thinking of Christmas.

Specifically, I'm thinking about what the kids might like this year, and I think Mallory would love to have a Fifi doll. You know, from Fifi and the Flowertots - a show on Treehouse (from the same people who created Bob the Builder - same type of animation.)

However, it seems that you can only buy Fifi toys in the UK. At least, that's where all my web searches have led. I have never found anything available on this side of the pond. See, it's NOT too soon to be thinking about this, if I'm going to be ordering something from overseas.

(Come to think of it... my UK client was just here this week... should have asked him to pick one up for me! Too funny - I can picture it now - asking this mid-40s childless mathematical genius to get me a doll - "And her name is Fifi. And she's a flower. A forget-me-not, in fact...")

Anyway, did you know that Fifi is a slang term for a sex doll? I did not know that. Don't believe me? Go Google "Fifi doll" and see what hits YOU come up with...


Gramma Cook said...

Mallory, you are adorable.

Dawn said...

is that you bidding on the violet doll on ebay from Austrailia? I was able to find an audio cd at but that was it! :o(

and do I even want to know what FIFI scent might smell like?

Mandy said...

Is it easier to get items from the states? I googled "fifi and the flowertots" and my google search had a dropdown for "fifi and the flowertots toys" I picked that option and found this site. They have a doll, in stock now, for $19.99 USD. An idea.

And, if you can't get it, I might be able to help you. :D