Thursday, September 11, 2008

Scenes from my kitchen window

This is another one of my favourite areas of the house. Kitchen Guy comes back Friday to finish everything off (though the kitchen is almost done - really it's the family room he needs to work on - but I digress). I am still in the midst of unpacking my kitchen pretties, but the functional stuff is 99% done - phew! These sconces were one of the first new house items I purchased - the whole lighting design for the kitchen was worked around them. A pair of them flank the window over the sink. Note the awesomeness of the handmade blind behind. :)
There are three windows across the back of the kitchen, and this is a vignette from the ledge of one of them: some old printer's type. I love that I can riff on Cook in the kitchen. In fact, I was going to find an assortment of vintage sign letters to spell out Cook on the wall above the windows - I already have the C - but in the end, I thought that might be too busy. There's already a lot going on in that corner of the room as it is.

And wouldn't you know it, the last photo I uploaded never took - it was a shot out the kitchen window to the view it has of the greenbelt. Phooey.

I will definitely do a full room shot of the kitchen sometime... bear with me... chaos still reigns at home.


Mandy said...

TEASE!!! ;)

I love those sconces though.

We put an offer in for a house, it was accpeted and we're awaiting inspection and such.

Heaven help me.

Oh and there are a LOT of windows.


So seriously, that blind pattern...when you get a chance...

Dawn said...

yes, need more eye candy! MORE pictures....more more more!!

I passed a truck that said COOK on it the other day and tried to snag a photo with my cell, but it was a blurry mess.....but it was a Port-o-potty company, not something you would want to frame and put in your kitchen.

Mandy said...

Dawn! I'm cracking up imagining the port-a-potty picture in her kitchen! LOL

Carrie said...

You know, we have a big wall over top of a buffet in the kitchen that's crying out for some artwork, and we've been debating what to put there. Port-a-potty... hmmmmm. Thanks for the effort, Dawn!

Mandy: YOU tease! When will you know more? Do we get pictures? :)