Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's a misnomer to call it CanSkate, because clearly, they can't

Last night was Liam's first skating lesson, and so far I am totally buying what people say about how life takes an even more hectic turn once you have your kids in extracurricular activities. I have clients from the UK here this week and they have been sucking up an inordinate amount of my time, during work hours and beyond. Add to that the realization that new skates actually need to be sharpened late in the day yesterday, a trip to two different places to have that done, and then the fact that we showed up at the rink half an hour late - for some reason I thought we registered for the 6:30 session, not the 6:00 session. They let us on the ice anyway. I hope next week things run a bit smoother. Things started out fine and dandy - here they all are, sitting on chairs on the ice, meeting their instructor. I didn't even catch her name.
Then, the moment of truth - they all get on their feet. (Or ankles, as the case may be. Liam needs some different skates with better support.)
The scene about 0.2 seconds later - most of them have fallen, but Liam is still standing! I was so proud right then - thinking I had a little prodigy on my hands.
Clearly not the case.
One of the TAs for this class is Ashley, who coincidentally is our next-door neighbour and hopeful-soon-to-be-babysitter. She spent a lot of time with Liam. I don't know if she's sucking up for a babysitting job or just really likes him. Or maybe he just needs a lot more help on the ice than most kids.
At the end of it all, amazingly, Liam was in good spirits, happily talking about going skating again, and before he went to bed he even asked "Is tomorrow another skating day?" I can't believe the repeated wipeouts weren't enough to discourage him. I am in no way delusional; I'm sure that we'll have to drag him to the rink kicking and screaming at some point over the next 25 weeks.

I will just be sure to do it at 6:00 rather than 6:30.


Dawn said...

That is soooooo sweet! I love the 4th shot of him sitting on the ice, as if to say, WHY MA?? WHY???

If it helps any, Wednesday nights are our hectic run all over town night too, only ours is for Religious Education, I am sure Noah would rather be skating!

Mandy said...

He's such a doll. I love the same picture Dawn was talking about! :D

Kelly said...

I am so with you there Carrie! I have not gotten around to doing Sydney's skating post- because 2 weeks in a row I have forgotten the camera! But it is a lot of crawling-on-your-knees-skate!

dad said...

You could have waited for that creek behind your house to freeze over, then there would be no problem with schedules and start times!!