Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Back to good

We have successfully moved... we're in the new place, even if it is a bit (ok, well, a LOT) of a wreck right now. The only casualties of the process were a flowerpot and my sanity - though I think the latter is returning. It went fairly well, though we were those people who had everything loaded on the moving truck and then had to sit and wait for three hours ( x $120/hr for the movers) while the lawyers wrapped up the official proceedings... in other words, we weren't into the new place until 5:30 Friday night. Arrrgh.

Every day is a bit better - the kids are with Cindy for 3 days this week to allow us to get the new place set up, which, though I miss them, is wonderful - we've made a lot of progress today. The house is still a work in progress, to be sure. Today, we had our washer and dryer delivered, electrician in, plumbers in, gas inspection on the fireplace, sod delivered and then taken back (too hot to lay today), roofers finishing the portico, cable guy out for the second time, heating and cooling guy in, and the lot graded. Am I forgetting something? - LOL. Probably. We had the water hooked up to the kitchen sink today and let me tell you - never have I been so happy to wash dishes! (The countertops were not installed until Friday afternoon at the same time as we were moving in - talk about doing everything at once!) The kitchen cabinets need some finishing, the touch up painter still has to come in, the electrician will be back again tomorrow, the alarm system isn't hooked up yet - in other words, it will still be a revolving door for some time to come.

Having lived mostly in old houses that were already broken in for me, I am having a bit of a hard time relaxing and allowing the living to happen here. The kids have dinged the floor, I have dinged the paint - and I have a hard time reminding myself that the difference between a showroom and a house is the living, breathing, finish-wearing family in it. Which should come first. Even at the expense of pretty things. :)

As much as I stress and neurose about the whole thing, though, it was the right decision for us. This place has felt like home since the moment we walked in the door and there were no tears shed over our old house. It was a happy home for us, but this place has more of the same in store for us. We're so happy to be here.


jenn said...

horray!! you're in!!

so, up for visitors yet?? :)

megan said...

Me too, I want to see!!!!

Dawn said...

YAY! Since I am a wee bit far for a pop over visit, how about some snapshots!

Congrats! Can't wait to see where your Halloween Countdown calendar lands! I pulled mine out of hiding last night to let it hang to release some wrinkles before it's debut soon!