Sunday, September 07, 2008

Turning Japanese

For the past week and then some, we have subsisted on takeout, cheese and crackers, and the dregs of our pantry (three-year-old canned tuna, anyone?) It's all been getting a little tiresome, so one night this week I improvised. My own little riff on the ubiquitous Bento meal became Ice Cube Tray Dinners: a mish mash of what we had in the fridge and in the pantry. It was a big hit with the kids, and I liked it a lot myself. Somehow it seems much more appealing to eat a few slices of banana than a whole banana. I like bananas just fine, but the idea of something in its entirety is sometimes, well, overwhelming. Pair a few slices of banana with some animal crackers, a chunk of cheese, a piece of Turkey Bite, a handful each of grapes and blueberries and baby carrots... you get the drift... dinner becomes fun again.

I did give each of the kids a bite-sized chocolate bar (broken in half, so as to take up two ice cube tray compartments) and Liam did not let me down: he saved his for dessert. Mallory, of course, sniffed hers out in about three nanoseconds and ate it first. A girl after my own heart.


Dawn said...

so copying this idea.......maybe it will entice Gav to try something new!!!

Mandy said...

I'd totally forgotten about that idea!!! Thanks for the reminder!