Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Plays well with others. NOT.

The first phase of our new subdivision is about 20 years old, and it contains our neighbourhood park. Up until a few weeks ago, it was painfully obvious that the playground there was just as old as the first house built. Old, dirty, sun-bleached - yuck. And then, just as we'd hoped for, our neighbour told us one day that the park had been overhauled. So a couple of nights ago we took the kids over to check it out.

It's now a nice, new, modern park, with some great equipment that the kids will enjoy for many years to come. And obviously, it's big news for the neighbourhood. There was a gaggle of kids there when we got there, ranging in age from 2 to maybe 10 or 12, all clearly enjoying the new digs.

The 2 year old was quite taken with Mallory, wanting to know how old she is and what her name is. She told us her name and spent the majority of the night following Mallory around.

This drove Mallory crazy - Olivia would climb up the steps behind her, try to follow her down the slide, and Mallory would be shrieking "N-o-O-o-O-o-O-o-O-o-O-o" the entire time - a new syllable forming with every step as she ran away. This went on all night.

There don't appear to be a whole lot of very young kids in our neighbourhood, and I kind of thought that it would be nice for Mallory to make a friend so close in age. I hope Olivia is the persistent type, because it's not going to happen overnight.


Mandy said...

Emily used to hate to be followed like that. She's gotten over it. ;)

Here's to a new playground and hopefully some new friends! :D

andrea from the fishbowl said...

Our neighborhood playground is one of the best places to connect with other grown-ups! It's a regular social hub.

Carrie said...

NONE of these other kids had parents with them. Not even the 2-year-old; can you imagine? I would never expect Liam to supervise his 2-year-old sister on climbing equipment. Having said that, I'm glad to see the other parents clearly think our neighbourhood is a pretty safe place to be!