Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How to cure your son of his gastrointestinal troubles

1. Send him along on his daycare field trip to the apple orchard.2. Let him revel in the apples.3. When he asks for the first one to eat, let him have it.4. When he asks for the second one to eat, let him have it.5. When he gets back to Cindy's house and asks for the third one to eat, let him have it.6. When he comes home and asks for another one after dinner, let him have it.7. When you make apple fritters for dessert, and he complains the whole time that he doesn't like apple fritters, and then he sees the finished product all laced with icing sugar and sees the whole family digging in and enjoying, and finally decides that maybe he would like an apple fritter too, let him have it.

...all of the above work to give his insides a good cleaning out. I'm sure you can imagine. :)

Oh, and Mallory? - that's her picking the fritter apart from the apple, eating the dough and leaving the rest on her plate.

Of course.


Mandy said...

I'm glad his problem was resolved. ;) ha ha.

jenn said...

I need that apple fritter recipe...I LOVE them!

Dawn said...

He will eat them skin and all? Noah still makes me peel them! GRRRRRRR! We are hitting the orchard on Saturday!