Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Around the house #2: 2 more knocked off the list!

I admit, I am always making unrealistic assumptions about how much I can get done in a day, and not following through. This weekend was no exception - I didn't get everything done that I'd planned. Though I blame that more on Chad being sick than anything else. I need him to use some power tools. BUT - I did finish up two projects that didn't require his input! Here is number one, the pom/lantern canopy that I hung over Mallory's bed. This is not an original idea - I have seen it all over the internet. In fact, it's likely to be this year's version of the "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster, something that I jump on late and eventually see EVERYWHERE and tire of before too long. (My Keep Calm poster is being relocated to the basement.) But, for the cost of some tissue paper, I'm not too worried about longevity.

This was a little bit finicky but not at all hard to do. A few tips, if you decide to do this yourself: first and foremost, spend the extra dollar on NAME BRAND TISSUE PAPER. The difference in quality between my $1 dollar store paper and $2 Hallmark paper is exceptional. It's just not worth the hassle of the cheaper paper. Number two, even if you buy the clear 3M command hooks, you'll be able to see them on the ceiling. So hang your poms strategically to cover them. I started this project all gung ho, made the first few poms, bought the lanterns, hung a couple up, decided to move one... and promptly took a chunk of drywall off Mallory's ceiling (I think I pulled at the wrong angle). Then, I threw in the towel for a couple of weeks. I have this abnormal fear of things not being cosmetically mint and I find myself very intolerant of the middle stages of a project (you know, the "it gets worse before it gets better" part). I really had to psych myself up to get back at it and finish, and of course when I did, it wasn't nearly as hard as I'd made it out be in my head and I really do love the result. And after I got all the poms into position I didn't even have to get out the touch-up paint, because that spot is now covered. For the time being, at least.I totally love this canopy. I think I caught some eye-rolling from Chad, but he pretty much lets me do what I want in Mallory's room. It isn't supposed to serve a purpose... it's just supposed to look pretty. And I think it does that quite well.

Now, I want to get a few other things done in Mal's room. I've finally found something to hang on the wall over her bed and that should arrive in a few weeks. I would like to get some more pillows for her daybed, too, though we are not really good at making beds here, chez Cook, so those will only make it look nice SOME of the time.I also think I am eventually going to move my old childhood bed into her room. I think it will look great in there and give her a bit more room (it's a queen). Not sure that it will work with the poster I plan to put on that wall in the near future, but we'll figure something out. Also not sure if that will mean rearranging the entire pom canopy - so it won't be happening anytime soon. I am all pom'd out right now.The second thing I finally got done was this little vignette in the front hall. We have had the bench (with quilt and cushion) for some time, but there was originally a much smaller picture hanging above it, one that was really too small for the space. I always thought about adding something, but wasn't quite sure what. I also wanted to update the photo, since the original was from the year Mallory was born. I finally chose this one in its place:And instead of planning to frame it, I had it mounted on foam core, so it could be hung directly on the wall. It's 20x30 and the total cost to print and mount it was about $50. It is also stuck to the wall with 3M Command strips.

It still needed something more, this vignette of mine... and then one day, I found it on Etsy:A retro restaurant 'cook' sign... the perfect way to round out the scene, since I imagine I will always have some sort of family picture hanging in that spot. The cook sign is also Command'ed to the wall. I LOVE those 3M strips, even after the incident with Mal's ceiling!It's very, very satisfying to make progress on these spaces that I've meant to get to since we moved in 2.5 years ago. I abhor empty wall space, so to fill it up with things I love makes me happy. I smile every time I walk down this hall. I LOVE Liam in this picture.

Next up: finishing another project, once Chad is healthy enough to do some drilling. And, I just bought a dresser for Liam from Kijiji - will have to show that off. I love it so much that I actually toyed with putting it somewhere else, like the living room, rather than having it hidden away in Liam's closet! And just yesterday, also on Kijiji, I found a desk that I am considering for either Liam or Mallory... it needs some TLC, but has plenty of potential. So many projects, so little time.

But first... I have to get this mess cleaned up.


Anonymous said...

Where did you get the large picture done at?

Carrie said...

I ordered it from www.whcc.com, though you need a pro account to order there.

They also offer them at www.colorinc.com. I use both of them equally and have never had a bad order from either one.

Carrie said...

P.S. - the $3 or so it costs to add the 'lustre coating' which adds UV protection and a fingerprint-proof finish to the print is TOTALLY worth it. My fingers were all over that thing while we were putting it on the wall!