Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Skate musings

I know I said my next post would be about Valentine's Day... but I don't have all my pictures uploaded yet, and don't have time tonight. So instead - I present to you, last Friday's Annual Kindergarten Skating Trip. (Photos taken by Chad, or by me on my cell phone.)
When you see Liam skating with all the kids on his hockey team, he is pretty middle-of-the-pack. But when you see him compared to his classmates, he is light years ahead of all but about two of them. You take for granted that kids can skate, because his hockey team can, but most of them cannot. Most of them look like they have never been on skates before. So, it's all relative.It's a nice reminder that playing hockey twice a week this winter has really improved Liam's skating. Something good to keep in mind for Mallory, who went to her first skating lesson in about a month tonight. Last week she was sick, week before that was a snow storm, week before that there was no ice time. She didn't want to go tonight and spent the whole half hour on the ice pouting and trying to regain her balance. But there is hope for her yet. We'll finish off the next six weeks or so of lessons, take the summer off, and I'm sure she'll be raring to go again in the fall.Look at my little dude, sitting in the back seat on the bus. A hooligan in the making. (Spoken as an almost-lifelong bus kid.)