Friday, February 18, 2011

Snow days

I'm getting behind... still haven't uploaded the V'day photos, some of which are on my phone. In the meantime, though, I got all of my 'snow day' type stuff organized. I guess I was in the mood with the consecutive days of temps in the 40s and immediate melting of snow. I should take a picture of the amount of water and flooding in the creek right now... higher than we've ever seen it.

Anyway, here's a reminder of what those snow days were like. Liam's interpretation of sledding in the back yard:And Mallory making a snow angel. I have no idea why this is posting upside down, because it looks right side up on my computer and I've even opened and saved it in Photoshop to try to rectify the situation, to no avail:Finally, the sledding highlight reel. Shot on two different days - one when there was barely enough snow to get the sleds down the hill, and one after we'd been inundated. See if you can spot the difference.


megan said...

Awwwww, we missed Cook mountain this year. One more big snow fall is all we need and you'll come home from work to find us in your back yard.

Carrie said...

Next weekend's birthday party is an outdoor winter carnival theme. We are definitely hoping for more snow before then! Come over anytime, even if we aren't home - it's not like you can't get in. :)