Saturday, February 12, 2011

Grocery list

This week was another one that sort of knocked us out of our normal routine. On Monday, both kids were sick and I stayed home with them. Giving Mallory some Motrin at noon to bring her fever down seemed like a good idea at the time; unfortunately, I didn't take into account several conference calls I had to be on that afternoon. She perked right up and made a bit more noise than I would have liked. Next time, I will take my meeting schedule into account when I medicate her! Both kids felt well enough to go back to Cindy's on Tuesday, but by the time I picked them up Tuesday night, they were both wiped. It happened all week - the kids would go out during the day, but come home and crash on the couch until we moved them upstairs and put pajamas on for bed. I didn't push any activities this week because I certainly understood where they were coming from. I am once again battling a low-grade something-or-other. I don't feel awful, but I don't feel normal, either. I skipped several workouts this week and felt like I was going to die this morning when I got home from my long run. Note to self: you can't just do a long run every weekend without sustaining it through the week with a few short runs! The footing was icy and bumpy and sloppy, too, which didn't make for a very good time.

Currently we are resting up, because Liam has hockey later today and wants to go. He will probably do fine on the ice, but come home and sleep most of the rest of the day away. Which is fine by me, because I feel like getting some rest, too. The to-do list is not getting any smaller, but I don't really feel like I've got enough motivation right now to care.

(Liam assisted me in creating last week's grocery list by copying labels off of some of the empty glass jars we pitched in the recycling bin. He also insisted that he could spell 'milk' on his own, and he did come close - our apologies to Uncle Mike. We never did buy those jalapeno poppers for the Superbowl - Chad wasn't really eating much last weekend, so the appetizer buffet that we would normally do will wait until next year.)