Monday, February 14, 2011

Not my true Valentines, but pretty darn cute nonetheless

This year's Valentine's portraits of the kids. Mallory's had some text added to make cards... Liam's was printed as is, since there was no sense repeating the sentiment. The photo lab overexposed the pictures of Liam but not the ones of Mallory - weird. We had fun making some goodie bags for the daycare kids and attached mini versions of the cards to each of them. For Liam's class at school we decided to keep things simple - he handed out those little boxes of Smarties that have a space on them to write 'To' and 'From' (which he did, with great gusto). Of course, we probably had the most meagre Valentines to hand out, out of his entire class. The kids practically get more candy at Valentine's Day than they do at Halloween these days. Good thing we piled all the candy into a central bowl to share. Chad and I should have it all polished off in no time.

Valentine's Day Part II coming up next.