Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Not much has changed in three years

We were supposed to go away for the weekend last weekend, and then circumstances changed and we found ourselves at home instead. Which saved us some money, and saved us some time, and even made for a nice relaxing don't-have-to-be-anywhere-don't-have-to-do-anything break from our normal lives. But even though we still treated ourselves to a dinner out, and went to a movie to burn off some of that newfound time, we still had many many hours left to fill. And that is how I came to find myself staring at this pot of muck on the stove.It's playdough, of course. What happened was that we sledded ourselves silly and then came in to warm up, and Liam was sitting up at the counter having his snack when he turned and pulled the playdough out of the junk drawer behind him. (Note to self: the playdough is probably better kept in the craft drawer than the junk drawer!) As soon as Mallory saw it, she wanted some too, but Liam insisted that there was not enough to go around. And the old stuff, well, it was several months old. We had everything on hand to cook up a new batch, though I did have to troll the internet for a slightly different recipe than the one I'd used before - we had some cream of tartar in the house, but not enough to make a full batch.The playdough really did the trick. It kept the kids entertained for some time, and they have had it out again several days this week.

Note to self: we are out of food colouring now.Trolling around on my laptop searching for a playdough recipe, I remembered having posted about it once before, and I loved coming across this post as a result. Look how little the kids are! Look at how short Mal's hair is! Look at our old house!

And oh yeah... look how I had just accepted a new job at the time I wrote that, against my best intentions, and said I was going to stay put for a long, long time. I guess I ate those words last fall, didn't I? Ooops... I did it again.


Dana said...

Mallory looks so different with her short hair and little chubby cheeks. The kids are growing up so quickly.