Monday, June 19, 2006

Backyard splash bash

On the weekend we filled up the pool for the first time. I think I was the first one to say we should get a little wader pool for Liam, and I had visions of green Turtle pools in my head. Leave it to Chad (a.k.a. Mr. Go Big Or Go Home) to take an idea and run with it. He went to the store and came home with a square inflatable pool that is at least 8x8 ft. His reasoning, of course, being that it would be big enough for himself. Well, when the mercury hit 38 with the Humidex on Saturday, I no longer thought it was such a dumb idea. It really is amazing how just a few inches of water can cool you off. Liam loved it, of course - not so much being in the pool as getting out. And in. And out. And back in. And out... He also loved the fact that Chad picked up another ball for him to play with in the pool. Because while Chad and his buddies may always be up for some Killer Pool Basketball... it's really not so much a game for toddlers.