Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Man of the house, part II

Chad has been gone on business again for a few days... what business? - he's been playing golf again. Man, I would suck at his job. I hate golf. Anyhoo, this has left Liam and I to our own devices for a few days... overseeing the completion of our front porch (now finished and looking great; our next door neighbours came over today to look into hiring the same crew to do the same thing to their porch, and it's nice to know that other people think it looks good, too!)... fending for ourselves for dinner; now that there are two of us even when Chad is gone, I have to get into the habit of still considering it worthwhile to cook something - last night Liam was treated to the meal I swore I'd never make, chicken nuggets and french fries, though they were PC Blue Label (trans fat free) nuggets and homemade fries, not the McDonald's kind - he still inhaled it all... getting ready for Father's Day; I won't go into details here and spoil it for Chad... making some plans for our weekend - we may or may not put off Storybook Gardens until next week, but we are definitely going to the fair this weekend, and I cannot wait to squish into one of those twirling teacups with Liam on my lap... and finally, garbage picking - neighbours put out some multi-paned windows tonight, the kind I have been looking for for a project for a while; I saw them as we drove home from work, and right after dinner I plunked Liam in his wagon and took him for a walk down the street to get them; we stopped one door short to talk to some friends, and a man pulled up in a pickup truck and proceeded to load up all the windows right in front of my eyes - except for the two that I wanted. Lucky break! I had thought about waiting til after dark to go pick through my neighbours' garbage but am glad we got it over with early now - they probably would not have lasted that long. The windows came home in the wagon and Liam walked all the way back down the street, nearly a full block. Well, he ran; he seems to be past walking now. He gets very angry when you try to take his hand or slow him down. My days of being the Uncool Mom have begun.