Monday, April 12, 2010

April 9th

Needless to say, we had a majorly busy weekend, and we're all birthday'd out for the time being. Here's a recap of April 9th, which I took off to spend with Mallory and prep for the party on the 10th.Unfortunately, after several weeks of gloriously warm weather, we had a bit of snow on Friday and rain after that. Originally I'd had grand plans of taking the kids to a new park or going on a picnic or possibly even going to an Adventures on Wonderland or Jungaroo-type place. But then I realized how much party prep needed to be done, and the road trip fell off the table; and when the bad weather hit, we decided to go out for breakfast instad of picnicking in the snow.After breakfast, we picked up the pirate ship cake pan we rented from Bulk Barn; dropped it off at the bakery to have the cake made (this was one easy thing to outsource - running two parties at once is a lot of work!); and then we picked up our helium balloons, which I had dropped off to be filled a few days earlier. Unfortunately you can't see the top balloon which has twisted sideways, but it's a big sea star, probably 30", with Ariel on it. How much do you think it costs to fill a single balloon that size? I was stunned (in a bad way) to find out. Next year we might do away with the over-sized balloons!Once we were back home, we had lunch and I let Mallory open the parcel that had come from Gramma Laney and Grampa Ralph (who are still in Hawaii for a few more weeks). It contained a mermaid doll and a mermaid hairbrush and mirror set. She loves that hairbrush and mirror.Then we turned on a movie rental we had picked up (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs - appropriate because Liam got the book for Easter, so I thought they'd get a kick out of the movie) - and baked the cupcakes for her party. After her nap, we took her out to get her birthday present. We went to our local bike shop where we had previously picked out her first two-wheeler. She still needs some practise on her tricycle, but Liam was riding his bike the summer he turned three, so I'm sure she'll be ready for it soon. The funny part of the story is that we went into the bike shop this week and they had two 12" girls' bike frames left (after it hit 80 degrees last weekend and they sold 200 kids' bikes in two days). Both were blue. One had flower graphics on it... the other one had a mermaid graphic, plus it had streamers in the handles. Guess which one we chose?And as soon as we walked into the store, Mallory saw it sitting in the corner and made a beeline to it. I think we chose the right one.Liam's present this year is also a new bike - we traded in his old one for a new model (since his knees were practically hitting his ears when he rode the old one, he's grown so much!) His new bike is a police bike, with one red handle/training wheel and one blue. He loves it. It's also got a hand brake, which he thinks is about the coolest thing ever. Back at home again, we made homemade pizza at Mallory's request, and had Gramma and Grampa join us for dinner. They gave Mallory her gift - a princess sleeping bag and camping chair, perfect for our upcoming trip to Algonquin and summer days spent out at the trailer.The one thing I forgot to do all weekend was pull out my pretty cake plates for the cupcakes. So here they are in all their Tupperware-encased glory!A very happy birthday to my dear little girl.More to come about our weekend, and another birthday to celebrate tomorrow. Liam actually had a rough day on Friday with Mallory getting the birthday attention. It's not like him but I suppose it was bound to happen sooner or later. Trying to explain to him that his own birthday was only 4 days away did little to help. He is in school tomorrow, so I can't take the day off to be with him, but we'll have a special dinner nonetheless. Five is a pretty big milestone.