Monday, April 19, 2010

Officially three

Friday, I had the day off work, Chad had to go into the office for most of the day anyway, and Liam was in school. (The school calendar has 'flipped' so that where we once had our Happy Fridays lining up with Liam's non-school Fridays, he is pretty much in school every Friday that we are off from now til the end of the year. Oh well... it worked for the first 7 months.)

In other words, it was just the girls.

I had hoped to do Mallory's official 3-year portraits on Friday, since the house would be free of distractions and it's not like we had anything else planned anyway... but when we woke up, it was overcast to the point of being too dark to do it. So we got dressed and had breakfast and walked Liam to school and then spent an hour wandering home the long way (i.e. by way of the park). During our walk we decided to hit up the library after we got home (where we picked up some Fancy Nancy books to go along with the doll Mallory received for her birthday), and when we came out of the library, the clouds were almost gone and the sun was starting to peek out. That was all we needed - we beat a fast path home, I ironed her shirt and ponytailed her hair at warp speed, gathered up a few props I'd been thinking about for the past few weeks... and we snuck in a 20-minute session that yielded what I wanted: an official portrait of a 3-year-old.

I'm not sure which of the first two is my favourite... they are both right up there. Any preferences?

Next up: portraits of a 5-year-old, which are going to be harder to get, because the subject is much less cooperative. Those might have to wait a week or two though, since next weekend's weather forecast is not looking good, and I still need to scrounge up a '5'.


Jennifer said...

great shots...I can't decide on one, either! I would probably lean towards the one with the 3 because, well, she's 3! (did you get that on etsy? I have a '1' just like that saved in my favourites for Ethan's birthday but am still undecided. It's pretty cute!)

Carrie said...

Yep, it's from Etsy (there are also eBay sellers but Etsy was cheaper, at least for the '3', when I checked).

If I keep doing these annually then I will need a '1' in five years' time... you could buy the 1 and use it now, and then sell it to me to recoup your investment. (Then I could sell it back to you for Ethan's 10th, and so on and so forth!...)

megan said...

I like the one with the 3 best!

Dana said...

Yes, I agree the 3 proves she is 3 since she could pass for 5 in that picture.

Jennifer said...

The '1' is gone :( They do have an 'i' that I am considering (though at first glance it looks like a stick!)

Thanks for the pic you sent. Love it! Ethan has been all smooched up on your behalf!