Thursday, April 01, 2010

Too late for Tomfoolery

I have a post in the works with the tagline "The new addition to the family", and I thought it appropriate to post it on April 1 to try to elicit some gasps of shock. I'm running a little behind, though. The photos are still on my Compact Flash, so I have missed the boat for this year.

I did have this photo floating around, though, of Liam and his second cousin (I had to look that term up on Wiki, but I'm pretty sure that it's right). Mr. Second Cousin has a birthday today, so it seemed appropriate to post.

Speaking of Liam... when I got him to school this morning, most if not all of the kids who were already there were wearing their clothes inside out and/or backwards, something I well remember doing as a kid on April Fool's Day. I explained to Liam why that was and asked him if he wanted to turn his hoodie around. No way. He wasn't having any of it!

This week, I have taken a beating at work. April 1 is the official start of the summer season, which means contracts expire and new ones start and the whole company sort of turns on its head. Add to that an 80-degree weather forecast for today, and you can bet the place is humming with activity. Lucky for me, I have an extra-long weekend coming up to make up for it.


Kathy said...

Nope....Ethan is Liam and Mallory's first cousin.

Carrie said...

I know... but this is Calvin! :)

(Blue eyes like that are not a Cook family trait!!)

Kathy said...

Oops! Ethan/Calvin...hard to keep all these babies in order these days! Then you're right....second cousin...or I think this is also where one can say "first cousin, once removed".