Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A pirate party to celebrate turning 5

Today, Liam is 5. Five!! Five years ago at this time, I was already holding him and making happy phone calls. It's hard to believe it was that long ago, because I still remember it so clearly. Five is a big milestone, and worthy of some heavy-duty celebrations. So on Saturday, Liam had some friends over for his pirate party. I guess this is the year of the pirate for Liam, because it didn't even occur to me until I was uploading these photos when all was said and done that Liam was also a pirate for Halloween last fall. I guess it's all very fitting.The sweatshirt was not bought specifically for the party - nor was the t-shirt he is wearing underneath - but it all fit together really well!Some of our guests, dining on fish and chips (and fish-shaped peanut butter sandwiches for the non-fish eaters. Luckily we only had one of those.) Liam was so looking forward to blowing out the candle on his pirate ship cake. We had Mallory's cake and sang happy birthday to her first, and when it was Liam's turn he was all business, clearing off the table in front of him and making way for the cake to be brought in. I remember him doing the same thing last year. I think we have both captured on video.After the cake and the presents, we headed downstairs, where Chad had constructed this pirate ship by pushing together a few chairs, wrapping them in bristol board, and rigging up a sail from some fabric remnants. A 2x8 made a plank (supported by Tupperware bins under the tarps) and the dotted line you can see on the plank is part of a treasure hunt that was mapped out in the basement in order for the kids to collect the components of their loot bags: pirate and mermaid sticker books, pirate and mermaid colouring crafts, pirate silly putty, mermaid stickers, gold-covered chocolate coins and candy necklaces.We fit in a quick game of pin the pirate on the treasure map/pin the crown on Ariel. And after the guests left, we spent the rest of the day battling it out with each other, since Thomas neglected to take home his foam sword. All the better for us, because you need two swords to duel. And now we're set. (This was probably a deliberate move on Steph and Mike's part - they have Henry's sword at home, and probably didn't want a second so they could avoid the battles!)


Jennifer said...

Liam looks like he is about 10 in the picture of him holding the sword! Glad to hear the party went well (Kudos to Chad on that awesome pirate ship!)

Anonymous said...

Looks like it was a great birthday party for both the kids. Happy Birthday, Liam!

Love Aunt Amy and Uncle Adam