Thursday, April 29, 2010

Officially done

Waffle making

Last night Mallory was talking excitedly about the weekend. "Is it the weekend?" she said. "No, tomorrow is your last day at Cindy's and then it's the weekend," I replied. (Short week this week.) "But it is tomorrow," she said. (Not sure what she was getting at there.) Then she said, "Will you spend all weekend with me?" I reassured her that I would, and she talked about it for some time, and then said, "And you and me can stay together when Liam goes swimming." So she must know that the Y called last night to confirm that she is off the roster for swimming lessons. And I don't think she's bugged by that one little bit.

We have a few small things and then lots of downtime planned for this weekend. Here's hoping we can get through all of it without someone else's eyeballs turning red. (Trust me... it was a sight that you really did not want to see!)