Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Not as it seems

It's been a busy and exhausting couple of days, so I will keep this brief. Riddle me this: do you think Mallory got into the pool for her swimming lesson last Saturday morning?

I will give you a hint. She swam Saturday night and then again on Sunday for more than an hour at GG's pool.

Answer to the riddle: of course not.
My vexation level: at an all-time high.


Jennifer said...

Do they wear life jackets at swimming lessons? She is so used to wearing one that maybe she isn't comfortable without it???

Carrie said...

They only wear life jackets for part of the lesson, when they leave the shallow end and swim down to the deep end. But I don't think she is bothered by not having one on. She swam without one that first week.

If she does not get into the pool again, that is going to be an $80 swim. I hope she enjoyed it!

Jennifer said...

yeah, I didn't think so. I was just coming up with something, anything, to make you feel better. She is a red head and we are stubborn as all heck (maybe just the girls? though Ethan may be proving that theory wrong)
Good luck this week! :)